Looking For New Product To Sell On Amazon? Here’s Our Top Software Pick For Online Arbitrage and Product Research

Overview of AMZScout and its main features

Don’t know what product to sell on Amazon? How big should be the first batch of the product? What should be the price of product to maximize your profit without losing buyers? Finally, want to get an idea about your monthly profit?

Forget all your  doubts and guessing! Get rid of unnecessary risks using AMZScout! This tool gives you complete analytics about products on Amazon. The information provided will help you find the ideal product to sell…

Main features of AMZScout

Product indicators


Find the most profitable products with complete information about demand and competitors. You will have 22 indicators and 10 extra features. So, you will be able to check and follow such indicators as product price, listing quality (LQS), product rank, product rating, date first available, price minimum and many more. You will be able to sort and filter by any of these indicators to find the right product quickly. Such indicator as BS (Bestseller) might be useful to identify a new product niche as well.

Estimation of sales and profit



Estimated Sales is the most important indicator for everyone who sells or trying to sell through Amazon. It shows estimated amount of sales made in a month for every product. It is calculated based on data of 200,000+ products and average BSR sales. Estimation algorithms and models are updated every month to ensure the estimates are accurate.

Profit and FBA fees calculator


Calculate your profit with a powerful calculator. The calculator shows all Amazon fees and your profit. Amazon fees include storage, picking and packing, shipping and customer service and depend on product size and weight. It also calculates the return on investment (ROI).

Keyword search


Keyword explorer helps to find the most promising product and select the best keywords to describe your product. Also, you will be able to track historical trends for these keywords. Such trends shows if the product demand has seasonal fluctuations or any growth or fall.


Quick search of suppliers on Alibaba



This feature allows you to find suppliers of similar products in China.





If you like some product, you will be able to save it in one click. This product will be added to your Favorites list, so you can quickly check its details anytime. If you need to follow many products then it will be convenient to have few lists of favorite products. That is why we have special buttons “Import to CVS” and “Export to CVS”.


Track competitors, rank and price history



Track all the changes of price, rating and competitor’s inventory to act at the right moment!


Find more information about AMZScout features here >>>

 Differences between web-app and Chrome extension

 AMZScout web application and AMZScout extension for Chrome have different features. First of all, the Keywords Explorer is available only in web application. To check trends for different keywords it is possible only in web application as well.

The Chrome extension works directly on Amazon website and in real time, while web application uses data from cloud. That’s why many users of Google Chrome prefer to use extension, since it’s more comfortable to use.

On the other hand, the web application is able to give more data for the selected criterias. Plus filters of web application allow you to sort data based on criterias that are convenient for you and not they way Amazon sorts it. The most important thing is that the web application works a little bit faster than the extension.

You can check advantages of both versions absolutely free – Select the most suitable AMZScout for you!

Try AMZScout for free >>.

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