Pricematik 2017 Review

Do you want to be able to find great deals on Amazon or Wal-Mart and sell the items on eBay without ever touching the items?  Pricematik will help you automate the process, manage your inventory, reprice your items so you never lose money, and offer better reporting.   All sounds great, right?  Well, there are a few things to think about before jumping headfirst into a product.

Who is Pricematik ?

They are an online software that offers 4 services: Listing scraper, items listing, automatic repricer, and eBay listing manager.  They currently have over 7500 active eBay clients and growing fast.  They offer a  always free service that includes just the items lister and the ebay listing manager.  Both are great tools by themselves and would help any eBay business create better listings and easier listing management.

The Scraper

The scraper is broken down into 4 features, here is the description straight from Pricematik:

  1. Unlmited Searches – “The Pricematik profit scraper can find an unlimited number of profitable items from any eBay seller active or sold items.”
  2. Export to Bulk List – “You can export all your chosen scraped items to a bulk list and list them with the bulk lister directly to your eBay account with your desired profit margins to undercut your competition.”
  3. Sold & Active Items – “The Pricematik profit scraper allows you to search for active and sold listings from any eBay seller. Scraping active item are great if the seller added new items which haven’t sold yet.”
  4. Sold & Watch count – “Quickly and easily find out the number of times any scraped items have sold or how many watchers they have. This will help you pick the best selling items to increase your sales.”

The Lister

The lister is probably my favorite feature.  It works a lot like WOW Lister, it pulls the title, description, attributes, and images straight from Wal-Mart and Amazon.  It will take all the information from the other sites and convert it to an attractive template.

You also get Title Builder with the lister that will help you build an effective title to rank higher in eBay search results.  Pricematik will suggest relevant keywords that you can use in your titles.

Another great feature of the Lister is that it offers VERO and duplication protection.  That’s not something that is common with most listers.  It doesn’t take many VERO takedowns to permanently suspend your account.

The Repricer

It works like it sounds.  It monitors your prices and will increase or decrease your price to stay competitive and profitable.  If you manually do dropshipping now, just think how much time that would save you (and profits too).   The Repricer also maintains your stock levels for you as well.  If the vendor sells out,  it will drop your inventory to zero to prevent you from overselling.  Don’t worry, every change made is kept in a tidy report that details every change made.

The Manager

The Manager is a nice feature because you can import all of your existing listings into Pricematik.  The cool feature allows you to keep track of your profit and inventory all in one place.  It will also make searching for your own listings more convenient than eBay’s Seller Hub.

How Can I Make Money?

If you opt for the free version and just get the lister and manager, it will help you stay organized and watch your profit margins.  But, most importantly, you  can create your listings in a more attractive template and import all of the important details without having to copy and paste from other sources.

If you want to spend a little money, the full package starts at $100 a month for 1,000 listings.  I know, a $100 a month for software can tickle the wallet. But, just think, if you sell 10 items and make $10 a piece profit, it will pay for itself.  If you are like me and don’t want to spend more money on another software, take advantage of the 14 day free trial.  If you don’t make $100 in 14 days, just cancel it.  If that is your plan, don’t forget to set a reminder in your phone calendar to cancel it so you don’t get billed 😉

Are they reputable?

Yes, they have a decent following and I haven’t found any negative feedback with a quick 10 minute google search.  In today’s age, that’s impressive.  But like I said, use the 14 day free trial and take advantage of the service.

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