Which eBay listing is better? Good ‘til canceled vs. 30-day listings

Good ‘til canceled vs 30-day listings has been asked and answered by 1000 eBay sellers with 1000 different results.  The answer really depends on what you are selling.

If you have a listing with a large quantity and you plan on restocking the inventory, then I would suggest using good ‘til canceled.  The reason is that the eBay search algorithms rank products higher based on their sell-through rate.  For example; if you have an item that has a 2-5% sell-through rate (sales versus listing views), you are most likely ranked at or near the top.  With good ‘til canceled, you will keep your ranking status when you are sold out and restock in the future.  Your item technically just gets relisted every 30 days, but when you have zero stock, your listing will still remain, just with no inventory.  When you restock, your sell-through stats will still remain. If a customer searches by ending soonest, your listing will show ending in 7 hours (or whatever time that may be).

If you have a listing that you don’t plan on restocking or one-off items, I would suggest using 30-day listings.  This way, when a listing ends, you can choose to sell similar instead of just relisting the item.  This will look like a brand new listing to eBay search and will rank you higher.  If you just relist, it will carry over your sell-through rate.  If it’s a single item, your sell-through rate will be zero so you will move down the search rankings.

Things to remember:

  • If you do use good ‘til canceled, don’t forget to go through your listings and end any listings that have zero inventory and you aren’t restocking.
  • You are still paying to list the good ‘til canceled every 30 days.
  • Editing your listings and using sell similar instead of relisting will help your stale items sell.
  • You can use bulk editor to change your listings in bulk to 30-day listings.

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