Free eBay Tools

With any great business comes great resources.  Not everything you will use to grow your eBay business will cost money (Thankfully).  Depending on the size of your eBay business or how much time you have, some of these tools can vastly improve your time management, the way your listing looks, and it’s ranking.  Check out a few of these free (yes, really free and no trials) apps to help you out:

I’m putting this at the top of the list because what is a listing without a good title?  Title Builder does 2 things, it helps you build your title using relevant keywords that will help your item rank higher, and it will help you pick the best ranking category for your  item.

Why do you need help picking a category?  Well, we don’t know everything!  There are almost 19,000 categories and it can get a bit confusing, especially when dealing with items that may fall under several categories.  Once you have your category selected, you can customize your keywords that are relevant to your item to help you rank higher in the eBay search results.

WOW Lister might be the coolest listing tool I’ve seen.  It’s simple, easy to use, and free to list 10 items a month.  Here’s how it works:  You find the item you want to sell on WalMart or Amazon, you copy the website address of that listing, and paste it into WOW Lister.  It pulls all of the information into eBay and creates and well designed listing in literally seconds.  If you are a dropshipper, selling liquidation items, or retail arbitrage items, this website will be your best friend.

Terapeak MySales

If you watch Marcus Lemonis on The Profit, you will hear him say every episode, “Know Your Numbers!”.  That’s exactly what MySales does.  It tells you your sales data, what’s selling, what’s trending and what needs improved.  The best part, it’s free (of course, like everything else, there is a PRO version).

This handy tool allows you to connect your eBay, Amazon and Shopify accounts for real time data like sales volume, revenue, and sell-through rates.



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