How I increased my sales by 20% by using KickSync – A KickSync Review

Ever since I left my career to start my online e-commerce empire (work in progress), I have constantly searched for tools to help me grow my business.  My business is like many small to medium size eBay sellers, I sell a lot of unique items and 1 off items.  I started my business buying liquidation items from auctions and reselling them on eBay, so I would only have 1 or 2 of something.  With only a few items, it was always tough to manage my inventory on multiple marketplaces.  There was some software out there that could do it, but they wanted hundreds of dollars or a percentage of my sales. Nope. I wasn’t doing that, I like my money and for it to stay my money.

A little over a year ago, on a search for new listing software, I stumbled on KickSync.  I can say with certainty that since the initial sign up, my business has changed for the better.

Having your inventory listed in both marketplaces can be a huge advantage to growing your business.  You have to remember that many Amazon customers aren’t eBay customers.  With 310 Million Customers worldwide, that’s a lot more people that can see your products.


Things You Should Know About KickSync

KickSync is a platform that allows you to sync your eBay “Buy It Now” inventory from eBay to Amazon.   If you are like me and are all about how much time things take, well, you can literally sync a listing in seconds, not minutes.

You can continue listing on eBay as normal and KickSync will pull your listings from eBay into their system (quickly too) so then you can go into KickSync and tell them to sync your items with Amazon.

When you sell an item on either eBay or Amazon, it will automatically adjust your inventory so you don’t oversell.  With thousands of orders this last year, I’ve only oversold an item once, and that was because it sold on both marketplaces almost immediately after it posted (I wish that happened every time!)

It searches Amazon for the best match to your product by either the UPC if you have it in your listing, or by keywords.  Don’t worry, you have to confirm it matches before it syncs so you don’t accidentally list the wrong item.

If the item doesn’t match your listing on eBay, you can do a search for the right item.  If you already know the ASIN, you can search by that as well.

You set the prices.  Some items sell for more money on Amazon than eBay so you can adjust your prices to maximize your profits.

You can relist all of your ended eBay items with the simple click of a button in KickSync.  Talk about a time saver!  You can also relist items 1 by 1 and edit the prices if you are looking to move some stale inventory.

You can edit your inventory quantities and prices right from the KickSync inventory dashboard.  This is way easier than “revising” a listing on eBay.

Here’s one of my favorite features – You can search your inventory with precision in KickSync.  To some, this may not be as exciting, but for me, this is HUGE.  One of my accounts is dedicated to tv components and people will ask me all the time if I have a specific part.  If I do a search for my inventory on eBay, I have to be exact.  I can’t spell a partial work or part number.  KickSync is a lot like Google Search.  I can put in a few letters or partial words and find my product.  I can type in a tv model number and see every part available on eBay.

The bad (not really bad, but things you should know)

If your item isn’t already listed on Amazon, you will have to either create a new ASIN for the product or ignore it and not cross-list it.  If it’s something you will only ever have 1 of, then most likely, you will just move on.

Amazon restricts you from listing some brands unless you get un-gated by having invoices proving you bought the items from a distributor or manufacturer and you have permission to resell it.  Unfortunately, there’s no way for KickSync to know what you are approved to sell until it tries to sync.

You have to make sure your product condition descriptions are accurate, Amazon doesn’t play nice if you get customer complaints about items not as described.

You can’t sell items as NEW on Amazon unless the customer will be able to file a warranty with the manufacturer, and it has to look like the package just rolled off the assembly line.  This is where eBay or more relaxed about their terms, but Amazon isn’t.  If those 2 criteria aren’t met, you have to list it as used.


KickSync has been a solid addition to my software arsenal, so recommending it to you is easy.  There have been some bumps in the road like with anything, but the KickSync team has been quick to address any issues and their support has been nothing short of great.  Everybody has different needs for their online business and this filled a gap for me.

They offer to sync 3 free listings for you so you can see how the platform works and make the best decision for your business.  You can take advantage of the 3 free syncs and test the waters with 3 items you think you would benefit the most from having it listed in both marketplaces.

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