How to remove HTTP from your eBay listings

Have you been getting the scary eBay e-mails and messages that “Changes to Chrome will affect your listings: Update now!”?  This is one of those important messages that aren’t meant to be ignored.  Starting in October 2017, Chrome is making changes to their browser security that will show all websites that don’t have 100% secure content and unsecure.

Ebay is a secure site, but they have allowed sellers to input their own code into listings to enhance listings with custom templates and offsite pictures and videos.  All of these features are great and there is no need to change them, you will just have to fix them to show they are secure.

Before just diving in and editing all 5000 of your listings, check and see which listings need to be edited first.  eBay has partnered with i-ways tool to identify the listings.  It will not only search unsecure listings that have http, but it will also show which listings have active content.

There are 2 ways to fix http in your listings:

  1. Manually – If you have just a few listings, this may be the option for you.
    1. Go to your listings and select revise on the listing you want to change.
    2. Under Item Description, change the view to HTML.
    3. Now hit CONTROL + F and type in HTTP
    4. Every spot that is highlighted with HTTP needs to be changed to HTTPS
    5. After you revise your item, make sure you check your listing and make sure it looks correct.
  2. Bulk Edit – If you have ever used bulk edit before, you know that it doesn’t work very well with large volume of listings. I would recommend doing 50 at a time, it seems like when you do 100 or more, it will start to hang up.  The good news is your listings will still show up in eBay search results if you haven’t done them all yet, but customers will have to click on a button to be redirected to a new pop up window to see the description.  This will most likely result in less sales and customers leaving your listing without getting the details.
    1. Go to you listings and select the items you want to bulk edit. (don’t forget to go to the bottom and select items per page and do 50 or 25).
    2. Now that you have the items you want edited selected, click on Edit, and Edit Selected.
    3. Check Mark All Items > Select Edit Fields > Item Description
    4. Select the drop down at the top of the box and choose Edit Listings in Bulk – Find and Replace
    5. In the find box, type HTTP
    6. In the Replace box, replace with HTTPS
    7. Then Submit and Submit Changes

If you don’t feel like updating your own listings, eBay has provided a list of 3rd party developers that offer the service for a fee.  You can get the list at

If you would like to read more about the security changes in chrome, please visit their blog that goes into more detail at


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