Know what’s hot on eBay without paying 3rd party apps to grow your eBay business

Knowing what is trending on eBay and what you can sell to make a profit can be time consuming but the end results can prove fruitful.  Now that we are approaching the holiday season, knowing what’s hot can make the difference of a good 4th quarter and an exceptional 4th quarter.

Here are a few ideas to find trending topics and products to help grow your eBay business

Check the news and publications  for hot new products:

I could keep listing for days, but it might be easier to just do a google search for hot 2017 Christmas Gifts and look at the websites you know.  I wouldn’t recommend opening a site you have never heard of, they might just be trying to sell you their inventory from last year.

Check out eBay’s Trending Items

Ebay has a page dedicated to trending items at  It will break the search results down b the brand or title.  For example, The North Face is trending with almost 25k searches.  You can see the top states buying, average prices to sell new and used, and which items of that brand is hottest.  If you are going to use this tool and it’s an item you have the potential to sell, make sure you scroll down to the most purchased items in the last 7 days for a real-time snapshot.  This doesn’t mean the item will be hot in 3 months, but it’s a great place to start.

Check out Sold listings

If you are like me and sell in categories you are more interested in, go the that category and on the right hand side, select sold listings.  This will bring up what’s sold and sort from newest first.  Click on the item that looks like there is a lot of sold history and see how many items that person has sold.  If it’s an item you can be competitive on, don’t be afraid to jump in.  If you can make the title better than theirs, you may just win the search results ranking.

Popular Investing Shows

Shows like Shark Tank, The Profit and the Adventure Capitalist showcase new items every episode that has huge market potential.  Although many of those items may not have wholesale opportunities, they usually have competition that is looking for new wholesalers and distributors.  Take advantage of the buzz and get in early.

Influencers in your category

Today’s age is all about online marketers, bloggers, vloggers and influencers.  These people have huge followings and when they support a new product, it usually starts selling.  Do a  quick youtube search about a topic or category and look for who has the most followers and you will find out who has the biggest influence.



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