Productivity Apps For Selling On eBay and Amazon Using Chrome Extensions

As we continue to grow our tools to increase our productivity for product research, messaging, sales and profitability, I will update this post to include them so everyone can use them.

If you have a suggestion for an app that will help your productivity for selling on eBay or Amazon, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will see if we can get it built.

Amazon FBA Profit And Fees Calculator – Whether you are new to Amazon FBA or a seasoned vet, you know that knowing your potential profitability is key to your success.  This Chrome extension tells you the important details you need to know when making your decisions.  It will tell you the age of the ASIN, profitability, FBA costs, Shipping Dimensions and weight, and estimated monthly sales volume.  Although it’s not free, it’s only a one time fee of $0.99.  We aren’t trying to get rich off the app, just help pay for the development.  You can download it here.


Canned Replies for eBay and Amazon – This is by far my favorite app and it’s free!  You can save messages you most commonly use when replying to customers.  You just right click on the text box and select the text you want to paste.  It’s simple.  It’s great for replying to the most common questions you receive on eBay or Amazon, but it’s also great if you like to put a canned message in your listings.  Maybe you like to put the same sentence in all your listings about returns, shipping procedures, product condition, etc.  This easy app lets you create as many canned messages as you want.  Download it for free here.


Easy Highlight and Search – This is my most used app when researching product to sell.  It’s simple, you highlight the text you want to search and right click on the text.  You can then search whichever website is best for you.  I use it to quickly search completed eBay listings and Amazon listings.  But, you can add any website you want that has a search box.  Searching liquidation manifests has never been easier since I started using this Chrome extension.  You can download it for free here.


Easy Shipping Tracker – This is the first app I developed and is also the most used by other people so far.  It’s an easy to use app that lets you highlight the tracking number, right click and select easy shipping tracker.  It automatically takes you to the shipping service your tracking number is designated for.  Currently, it will track packages in USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and DHL.  More.  You can download it for free here.


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